Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed 荞麦海苔烧
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EL Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed

Buckwheat are seeds that consumed as cereal grains. Buckwheat is not related to wheat and has become popular as a health food due to its high mineral, high antioxidant content, gluten-free and low in the glycemic index (GI) same as Brown Rice. EL Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed Snacks is a superhealth snack that made from buckwheat,and seaweed. The combination makes EL Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed Snack tastes delicious and healthy. Plus, our product are free from chemical additives, zero cholesterol and zero trans fatty acids. Hence, our EL Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed Snack is a healthier choice for snack lovers !

Here are some of the best health benefits of our EL Buckwheat Cookies with Seaweed Snack has to offer :

  • Essential for healthy metabolism, growth, development, and your body’s antioxidant defenses.
  • Improve heart health
  • Help in body growth and maintenance of body tissues.

Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Ensure the leftover snack been sealed properly after used.